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Research Appointment

Program SLO #1: Students will learn to use the LTCC Library’s online subscription databases, which are today’s core academic research tool.  Measurement of success: Annual usage of Ebsco’s online databases will increase at least 5% from the same quarter in the year prior.

Program SLO #2:  At least 80% of all students will express satisfaction with library services overall.  Measurement of success: library user surveys.

Program SLO #3:  After receiving formal library instruction, ENG 103 students will demonstrate information fluency.  Measurement of success: at least 90% ENG 103 students will pass information literacy assessments.


To arrange an in-depth consultation about your research assignment please
call the Library at 530 541-4660 ext. 233 or stop by the Library and fill out a
Research Consultation Request form.